YogaBody Fitness 2 – Schedule

Torrent de l’Olla 203-217 (next to Plaza Lesseps)


Class Descriptions

Build lean muscle in your upper body, lower body, and core with our signature ultra-slow reps, max reps, and push/pull/hold practices. Blocks are used for this class.
Develop full-body balance with animal flows, proprioception training, and mind-body integration movements. The Yoga Wonder Wheel™ is used for this class.
Burn fat, balance your hormones, and stimulate muscle growth with classic Tabata-style yoga intervals. Abs Sliders™ are used in this class.
Long, slow and deep flexibility training & stress relief set to chilled out music. Hurts So Good™ massage balls are used in this class.
Relieve back pain, build grip and upper body strength, and strengthen your posterior chain in this fun and unique class. This is a suspension yoga class taught with The Yoga Trapeze™, (not a mat class).
Designed for students with past experience who want to try new yoga poses in a more dynamic class. We recommend you to do at least 10 classes in YOGABODY or the equivalent of that in another center before attending this class.
Beginner-friendly classes designed by individual teachers. This is an opportunity for teachers to introduce fun, new postures, and help you go deeper with poses that might be challenging for you.